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d dig some fresh peanut if you like. But it's not easy.It's too complicated. You may agree wi▓th me right? Why don't we find something easy to do? ▓Go! Just look at what I'


ve found. A tomato farm▓. Actually it's a green house. Just look, so many ripe, fresh tomatoes. So, I don't want to waste time talking. I want a taste. These are co▓mpletely different from what you find in the city. So fresh!Neapolitan Pizza can easily count on an army of passionate defenders. This year, ▓the authen

ing that only qu

tic "Neapolitan" pizza or "pizza v▓erace," took center stage at the 2008 Pizza Fest in Naples. More than 50 pizza makers from Italy and around the world gathered to celebrate the "pizza verace" tradition.The art of pizza making isn't taken lightly in Naples.At the 2008 Pizza Fest, everyone from food scholars and pro

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fessional pizza makers to simple pizza fans crowded into a large exhibit hall to enjoy the authentic flavors of a uniquely Italian food.For Naples, Pizza is undoubt▓edly their gastronomic masterpiece.Naple▓s' unique blend of culture, history and climate▓ is the recipe that, throughout time, has pro▓vided the best ing

nts are used. Nu

redients.Hardcore believers say "Ve▓race" pizza - or "the real" pizza has never left Naples.CARACAS, April 9 (Xinhua) -- Venezu▓ela will spend over 70 million U.S. doll▓ars in purchasing 1,995 agricultural machines and▓ agricultural industry plants from China, Argentina and Brazil, announced the Venezuelan government

mber Two and One

Wednesday.The government also said Minister of Agriculture and Lands Elias Jaua Milano received the machines i▓mported from the three countries Wednesday.Jaua traveled to Puerto Cabello of the Carabobo state in central north of this South American country, wh▓ere he said all the equipment will be destined to Vene▓zue

both▓ feature

la's state enterprises.The minister said that V▓enezuela's imports from China consisted of tomato processing plants, tomato paste processing plants, fruit processing plants and vegetable conservatives.Venezuela's imports from Brazil, as Jaua said, included agricultural corn oi▓l plants and soya oil plants, while impo

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rts from Ar▓gentina were 60 corn and rice harvesters and 20 tractors.Bicycles become main transportatio▓n in carless formerly rebel-held area near DamascusBicycles become

  • main transportation in carless ▓formerly rebel-held area near DamascusBicycles become main transportation in carless formerly▓ rebel-

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  • held area near Damascus05-14-2018 09:14 B▓JTIn the formerly rebel-held district of Douma east of Damascus, cars have been deserte

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t (and not too much

d w▓ith no fuel during the war, which pushed people to b▓icycles as an alternative means of transportation.That sprawling district in the Eastern Ghouta countryside was r

of it either

). The beef patty is grilled to a perfect medium

etaken by the army after the rebels' evacuation last month, and the streets in the cen▓tral part of Douma are now bustling with people ri▓ding bicycles.Few cars were seen

as evidence

d by the reddish-pink centre and brown outer, ▓

, mostly ▓those of the army or the trucks bringing in ▓food to the people in that area, which was the most importa▓nt bastion of the Islam Army rebels in East▓ern Ghouta.

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aramelized onion, arugula ▓(rocket), bacon, gor

Burnt and destroyed cars were also left on the sidewalks in some of the streets there, refl▓ecting the damage that has befallen large ar▓eas there as a result of the war

gonzola cheese

and thousand island s▓auce (for Number One); o

that has dragged on for▓ six years in Eastern Ghouta.Old and young men, as w▓ell as children, were riding bicycles and the ▓people there seemed to have overcome the proble

r sundried tom

ato, ▓parma ham, buffalo mozzarella cheese and

m of no reg▓ular transportation.Bilal Delawa was riding his bicycle with his friend sitting behind h▓im. He said those bicycles have been important for the people there

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be▓r Two). Yep these definitely aren鈥檛 your r

with the high price of the fuel during the rebels' time."Most people have opted to ride bicycles a▓nd it has become the main transportation here in Douma be▓cause the fu

egular burgers.Veget

el was expensive but of course, ▓we favor cars or motorcycles or buses," he said.Another biker Omar al-Ruz said even though the bikes were an acceptable alternative duri

Gongtixilu , Ch

ng the war, but they were not enough especially for workers who move heavy stuff from one place ▓to another."The bicycle wasn't enough of a transportation to meet our dema

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bicycle, maybe 50 kg max," he said.For his part, B▓ashar Ajweh, another resident of Douma, said that several places for fixing bicycles were opened in Douma during the

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war, adding that maintenance ▓workers used to charge very high fe

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es for fixing the bicycles, whose prices have jumped 10 folds

a trek along

an old alley

during the war.He said that he used to buy fuel in plast▓ic cans

Hutong. But there's m

for his motorcycle but when it got so expensive, he parked it and started using both the electric bicycle and the regular ▓one."Bicycles have not only become the main tran

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sportation f

or regular people but also for workers who move st▓uff

from one place

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